Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventures with Molly and Bella

Molly- 5yrs old
Years ago, we had a red dachshund and she was grouchy and unpleasant at times.  We loved her, though.  Doxy died in Feb. of 06.  My beloved daughter, Britney was so heartbroken that we got another dachshund in Sept.  So Molly entered our lives.  Molly is the exact opposite in personality to Doxy.  She is loving, sweet, pleasant and the kids are crazy about her.  She is not too bright and house breaking, even after all these years, is patchy at best.  She has developed allergies and has to be taken to the vet for shots once a month.  All the times that I get fed up and decide, "that is it, she has to go," don't seem to matter to Molly or her owners.  They take up the slack and are in charge of all her "accidents."  They dress her in the clothes that go to their bears from Build a Bear.  They used to ride her in the stroller.  Doesn't hurt that she is absolutely one of the prettiest dachshunds you will ever see.  A sleek black coat that just shines in the sun.   So here we are with a  dachshund that contributes nothing financially to the family,  but pulls her weight in the love department.

Bella -3yrs old
I was only 8 the first time that I saw Pepper, the Great Dane.  He lived down the street.  He was gray all over with black spots.  I thought that he was the most beautiful dog that I had ever seen.  I decided then that I would one day have my own Great Dane.  In July of 03 we had just legally adopted 3 children.  I decided that we all needed a new puppy.  We picked up Maggie at the end of August.  We was gorgeous, all black and shiny(seems to be a pattern with us).  Unknown to us, the kids mother was expecting.  We were called on Sept. 16th and had a new baby on the 18th.  Maggie went to live with someone else the following year.  It was still in the back of my mind.  My husband who did not grow up with dogs in the house, said that I could have one, but not in the house.  Great Dane's do not do well outside, so I said no way.  One day, he found a "free" Great Dane in the paper.  The rest is history!!  Bells is practically perfect in personality!!  She is loving, sweet, smart, well behaved, and no matter what others do with her, she remains my dog.  She loves me so much.  I fell completely in love with her.  However, there has been nothing free about this dog.  She went into heat 3 days after we got and had to be spayed.   She developed a breast tumor from having puppies too young and then after the surgery developed fluid and had to spend a week in the hospital.  She now has come down with the red mange, that she got from her mother.  When we tried to treat the mange, she had a bad reaction to the meds because we didn't know that she had heartworms.  So she spent another week in the hospital.  We treated her for the heartworms, and now are treating the mange.  But, of course, she is not responding to the treatment.  I take her back in yesterday and she now has a fungal infection.   I say all this to say that love comes without conditions.  We either love or we don't.  Now, of course, there are financial limitations and we have just about reached them.  We are still working to save her.  She is such a blessing to my family, but especially to me.  I cannot imagine having to give her up!! So we wait and pray.  We are expecting things to turn out o.k.  Just taking a little longer, but that seems par for the course!!  If you don't have dogs, then of course your house may smell a little better than mine at times, but you are missing out on a lot of laughter and love!!

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