Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Family!!!

My husband, Casey and I.
I am blessed more than most, less than others, but perfectly for me.  I spent my entire childhood wishing and praying for a family of my own.  I wanted a house full of kids.  I married my best friend and then we had one child.  After 12 more years of trying and miscarrying many little ones, we adopted.  So altogether, we have 5 wonderful blessings!!  My oldest blessing, Britney is married to Jay and they have just presented me with my first grandson, Isaac.  That is a very important time in your life.  You realize that you have become a member of the upper tiers on the pyramid of life.  I remember when my last grandparent passed away and my dad pointed out that they were the top.  There was no one above them.  I am only one tier from the top now.  I am the grandparent that will influence my grandchildren.  I pray that my life will be a shining example of how to be a child of the Creator and a follower of Torah!!!    Here are some pics of our family!!
My 5 blessings! 

Britney's wedding

Granddaddy with Isaac
Nana with Isaac

Our first grandson, Isaac!!

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